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Steel Cargo Group

This group offers the export of cargo such as steel, plant equipment and fertiliser to various countries throughout Asia. Our ships, being equipped with high-speed ship’s crane and box-shaped holds that have lengthy holds , can meet our customers’ various needs for lengthy/bulky cargo such as pipe/rail etc. Our patented unique hold heating system also provides dew/condensation free service for steel cargo. we also operate a bimonthly (middle and end of each month) conventional liner service for general cargo and steel etc. departing from Nagoya and Osaka destined for Hong Kong, South China, Thailand, Singapore and Port Kelang.

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Import Business Group

This group offers conventional liner services for wood products (plywood, lumber etc)from Indonesia and Malaysia, to Japan/Korea/China. This group also offer tramp services for variety of cargo such as steel, unrefined sugar, pulp, chips, aluminium and other dry bulk cargoes to intra South East Asia area and/or to the Far East including Japan. The ships have a box-shaped hold suitable for smooth loading and discharge and the hold is always operated and maintained in optimum conditions to accommodate the various needs of the cargo/shipper.

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Tramp Group

This group operates Bulkers ranging from7,000DWT to 30,000DWT and offer tramp service between Japan, East Russia, China, Korea, Taiwan, and regions in South East Asia or vice versa. We have developed a safe and competitive service in response to our customers’ needs for the transportation of various cargo such as coal, limestone, salt, cement, cement clinker and iron ore, particularly with series of 6 x 18,000DWT bulkers, we are able to be flexible to meet the customer’s sudden request for schedule change.

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Project & Heavy Cargo Group

The job role/target of this group is to carry large size and heavyweight cargoes for petrochemical plants, power station plants, transportation infrastructures and port facilities etc. to Asia, Middle East and the rest of the world using heavylifters under the trade name of “MOL Plant Transport”.

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